How to Organize Your Bathroom Closet to Save Money

bathroom organization

bathroom organization

Moment of honesty. The closets in my home are comparative to a black hole. Many times something gets bought, thrown into the closet and forgot about. Next thing I know, I’m back at Target stocking up on things I already have.

I’ve been meaning to organize my bathroom (and kitchen) closet for a while now. But like a lot of people, things kept coming up and organizing our home became an afterthought.

Finally, this past weekend I was able to do a deep clean throughout our apartment and that included getting our closets organized! Here’s how I did it.

1. Start by removing everything from the closet. If your closet is a black hole like ours, you’ll be surprised by how much trash is hiding in there. I had a ton of hair products I never use, products that only had one more use and a couple boxes of expired contact lens.

2. After cleaning out all the junk, I wiped down all the shelves to make sure everything was clean. If you’re a product junkie, it can be kind of hard to get rid of your stuff. But if you haven’t used it in a while, or it no longer applies to you, just throw it away right away. This gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start!

3. I found a couple of plastic bins in the bottom of the closet that I bought several months ago. They were originally for my last attempt to organize the closet. I needed a few more so I picked some up on sale at Target.

4. Each of the 5 bins I used for this project has specific contents. I felt like organizing things in this way made it easier to keep things neat. It also helps us find what we’re looking for. Hubby even has his own bin so he can keep all his stuff organized.

Just to throw out a couple of ideas, I have a bin for hair products, a bin for travel size products, a hubby bin, and a bin for things I use infrequently like face masks, extra exfoliating brushes etc.

I keep all our towels under the sink in their own bin. I’m not sure why I do that instead of putting them in the linen closet like everyone else, but this is what I prefer.

I also cleaned everything off our bathroom sink and put it into its new home in the closet or in the drawer where it belongs. I was keeping all types of body butters, hair products, dog wipes and everything else on our bathroom counter. Now our counter space is organized and clutter free. Finally!

Now I can easily see if I need to replace something or not, and stop wasting money on buying repeats of things. Using this method in your kitchen pantry would also be a great idea. I haven’t made it to that point yet. Baby steps.

Let’s Discuss:  What home organization project have you been avoiding?

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