A Lifehack For The Unemployed

For whatever reasons, you are unemployed. And from someone who has been there, I feel you. It isn’t easy being jobless. Sure, you get to have a lot of free time, but what about your own financial stability? What about that moment when you are bored and have nothing to do? Not to mention the scorn you would often get from nosy relatives about your career status. They like to look down on people that are jobless.

We get it. But what are you going to do about it?

I’ll TELL you what you’re supposed to do.

Keep a schedule

Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean you should be sloppy. If you don’t get yourself a proper schedule, you are going to waste away and lose track of time. Get up early and start your day as so.

Join a temp agency

Get off your butt and go for a temporary job. A side-line, if you will. If you are on your way to getting a real and permanent job in the future, try getting a temporary job at first. This will help you ease yourself into things. Plus the additional money is a bonus.

Work online

There are plenty of online jobs that you could take. Writers, especially, are much needed in plenty of online corporations. You can join earn money while you are in your room. You won’t be jobless then, will you?

Get organised

No use being sloppy. You are unemployed, yes, but don’t be like the stereotypical unemployed people who are very lazy and sloppy about their everyday life.


You have plenty of time. What could you lose? Aside from the unneeded fat and calories, that is. Hey, you could be very fit and healthy even if you’re not earning anything.


Donate your time and effort into something that actually makes sense. You might not be earning anything financially, but at least your time is used for something really nice and productive for the good of the earth and its people.

Increase your skills

Play the guitar, learn how to fight, improve your talents, etc. you can basically do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. Most of the people who have jobs never have time anymore for their own hobbies and activities that they love doing. You do. Use that.

Treat yourself

What the heck, why not? If you’ve spent all your life working, why don’t you actually take the time to spend some of your remaining money on yourself? You deserve it, no matter what anyone else says.

See what you can sell

You have a lot of stuff that you probably don’t use. Sell them and earn a quick buck. See if you still have some of your toys from your childhood days. You never know. Those could actually be worth thrice as much as they used to back then. The current times are weird like that.

Take a course

Hey, if you can’t use your current skills for something, then learn some more. It’s productive and you get to use your brains and muscles for something rather than just sitting around and be on the internet so much.