Economical Solutions For A Bathroom That Has No Window

Economical Solutions For A Bathroom That Has No Window

There are times when the property you acquire may not have everything you want for a home, such as lots of windows that can provide you much needed lighting without much need for electricity. If, for example, you are left with a bathroom with no windows, and you would have preferred to have at least one window on this particular area of your home, here are some things you can do.

Window Treatments

Window treatments in the bathroom is an economical way to do when your bathroom has no window. On the other hand, destroying a certain part of a wall to make way for windows is one of the most expensive and most complicated ways.

  • Curtains

Curtains are the most economical way to decorate your bathroom without spending more money than what’s necessary.

  • Discount Rugs

If you don’t want to use any special cloths or towels in your bathroom, there are two cheaper alternatives. Discount rugs can be just as good as designer brand ones. Discount rugs are also cheaper to replace. Most discount rugs are handmade with extra care on the production line. They are sold in many home improvement stores as well as online.

  • Towels

One more economical way to do when bathroom has no window is to use cheap towels. There are many cheap towels available at the supermarket and drugstores. They are usually made of synthetic fabrics and they’re cheaper to produce. When they become old, they can be replaced by the new cheap towels that are still of good quality. If your bathroom has a window, you can easily hang the cheap towels on it will save space as well. There is no need to cover the expensive towel rods with the cheap towel.

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  • Towel Rail

A towel rail can be placed next to your bathroom sink so that your bath towel can be hung up from the hook next to your wall. A hook to your wall is actually more convenient than hanging the bath towel from the rod.

  • Roman Shades

You can also use Roman shades to keep your bathroom temperature cooler during the hot summer months. With the help from a bathroom designer Twickenham or your area has, you should be able to make the best decisions for your bathroom.

Ceiling Insulation

One of the economical ways to do when bathroom has no window is to use ceiling insulation. This can be done by building an additional door on the top of the existing door. This extra door can be made of insulated foam board covered with plastic sheeting. This insulation can reduce the heat transfer from the roof to the floor. Your electric bill will decrease as you will only need to heat the space that you are using.

If you need to know how to divide up the costs for your bathroom without causing a budget problem or sacrificing comfort for economy, a quick search online for related articles is among the first things to do.