How To Stop Being A Shopaholic

This is one expensive addiction that I personally wish I didn’t have. How else are we all going to save money if we keep spending our salaries on reckless purchases?

If you’re an adult already, you need to stop being so careless because we all have responsibilities that we need to prioritise. You won’t be able to do that if you keep spending your money on things you barely need. Regretting your purchases afterward is one of the most frustrating things ever. To know that the expensive junks you bought on a whim are not even going to be that useful to you at all is really disheartening. You feel a sense of self-disappointment and guilt. At least that’s what I always feel if I let myself get carried away.

Here is how you stop this ridiculous addiction.

Cut up your credit cards

The least you get tempted when you’re out with those things in your purse or wallet, the better. Don’t try to make excuses of “just in case”. Destroy them now so you won’t be seduced into buying something really expensive when you really don’t even need the things in the first place.

Carry cash only

The inconvenience of this is the point. It makes you discouraged to buy anything. This is so you won’t have to feel the need to purchase something useless or pretty just because you have your credit card or something. Although sometimes this doesn’t really stop some people.

Track every penny you spend

Be aware of what you’re spending your money on and how much you are actually paying for them. Track the expenses down to the very penny it costs. It gives you an idea of how much you’re spending and will make you think twice in the future about what you buy.

Play mind games

It’s better if your use the 30-day rule in this case. Playing this will make you abstain from spending and will make you see what’s really worth buying and what isn’t. Make sure that you don’t make the mistake of buying impulsively, yeah?

Avoid temptation

Don’t go to malls or be on online stores. If there is a particularly store that happens to be your favourite, stay away from it and never go near it.

Remind yourself of bigger goals

You have other plans, remember? To buy a house or a car or maybe save up for your children’s college fees. Maybe even your retirement. Think about those instead.

Ask for help

If all else fails, you need to ask your friend, a family member or maybe even some professional help. Sometimes it’s easier to fool yourself into thinking that you need the item that’s been seducing you for a minute now. You need someone to steer you away from that, clearly. Someone who knows you need your money more than you need that item.